Designing the Giant

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Currently I’m taking a course called “The Spark” at the Oatley Academy. It’s an online course with about 15 students and our amazing Teacher Sarah Marino. The course is challenging, but we learn a ton and it’s a lot of fun.

As a course project we’re doing Visual Development for a story. That means we’re designing the characters, designing layouts (rough sketches of a certain scene), props (pretty much all the stuff characters interact with, lamps, weapons, furniture, etc.) and more.

rinowenger_silhouettes_giant rinowenger_riese_skizze

One of the characters I’m designing is the Giant. He is, well, giant, not the brightest star under the sun and also not a very pleasant guy to hang around.

riese_silhouette_rework rinowenger_riese_outlines_rework rinowenger_riese_farben_2016-10-02 riese_final_color

While going through the color variations I found that it would be cool if he had white eyes, just to make him even a little less human and even more frightning.

What do you think? How does the final design feel to you? Let me know in the comments.

The machine

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Here’s a glimpse into a secret project.

Bad ideas in space

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rinowenger_galactic_conquerorI did this sketch back in march, yet never posted it. I think I hated it at that time. Now I’ve found it again while browsing through sketches looking for something else. The composition is really bad: The monster takes up way too much space in the picture and there’s no room for the image to breathe. The graphic designer would talk about white space here. Also the point that we’re on a different planet in space is not coming across.

I still like the creature and the idea of that poor idiot trying to steal the baby monster from the mother. It’s an ancient story told in infinite ways already, yet still something that makes for great action.


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tmp_32524-IMG_20160904_203858-887270185Buck “the Bear” was always considered a bit heavy handed, but a man that got things done.


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Boardtest 2016

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I love drawing characters, and I love drawing animals. So it’s not surprising that this Illustration was a lot of fun to do! It’s for a snowboardtest in March in Adelboden, where you get to test snowboards from all the big (and small) brands for free.


The process: Pencil sketch, Inks, Color sketch and finished work


Tiny Exhibition in Grindelwald this Saturday

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This saturday, the 16th of January, I will be having a small exhibition of my art at the Bus Stop Bar in Grindelwald. The Bar is inside an actual Bus from the 1960’s, placed at the bottom of the valley run that leads from the ski resort to the village of Grindelwald.

There will be music and visuals by my friend Matt and his Buddy Ernst, and you’ll get epic apres-ski drinks like a «hot mojito» or «café motor oil» at the bar.


Grindelwald. One of the most beautiful places in switzerland. (Photo © Bus Stop)


Probably one of the dopest venues to have an exhibition. Photo © Bus Stop

Here you’ll find the facebook event.

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