Rino Wenger

Hi, I’m Rino.

I’m a swiss Illustrator and Designer. I love to draw characters and design things that matter.

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Branding &
Visual Design

I help my clients to communicate visually in a clear way and design everything from the first idea until the finished product.

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Drawn pictures add a human touch to a product or story. The right Illustration communicates with the reader and invokes an emotion. I love to work with whimsical characters and lively colors.

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User Experience &
Interaction Design

Great products and services are designed for people, not for a business plan. From raw paper prototypes over wireframes and Tests with the real Users I support Teams to realise useful products.

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In these workshops I teach people how they can draw with simple methods to capture ideas on paper, take Notes in drawn Form and give a presentation using a flipchart that is way more interesting than any powerpoint-slideshow.

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App Design, UX Design
(de) Der Klimawandel ist in vollem Gang und wir als Gesellschaft und als Individuen alles tun, um unseren CO2-Ausstoss zu verkleinern. Die App enerjoy zeigt dir, wo du deinen CO2-Ausstoss nachhaltig reduzieren kannst. Als User Experience Designer durfte ich das Team von der Idee bis zu Launch im App Store begleiten und das Produkt designen.
Strategie, Strategie-Visualisierung
(de) Die Firma Nexplore hat sich entschieden, von der klassischen Firmenhierarchie zur Holocracy zu wechseln. Im Zuge dieser Transformation haben sich auch die Firmenwerte klarer herausgeschält. Um diese Werte gegen innen wie aussen klar zu kommunizieren, durfte ich für Nexplore nebst Plakaten und Piktogrammen ein zweites Wandbild im Büro gestalten.
Nexplore AG
Editorial Illustration
Swiss tax law has quite a few pitfalls, especially in the area of the «Verrechnungssteuer». That's why the Authors Thomas Jaussi and Thomas Schwab didn't want to just publish a regular book about taxes, but instead wrote something you could call a fiscal fairy tale. Fictional characters face real life tax situations with sometimes grim consequences. Those stories and characters was a lot of fun for me to illustrate.
Cosmos Verlag


Milchbüechli Advanced 2.0 @Effinger

16.01.2019       0

Today I held an updated version of my Milchbüechli Advanced talk at the Brownbag Event Series of the Effinger Coworking & Kaffeebar Bern. Download the slides of the talk. The… Read More