Software machine

Unfortunately, the machine is broken and has to be rebooted by the visitors, after they solve a little riddle. The riddle consists of a bug in the code of the machine. After solving this and rebooting the machine, they get rewarded by an animation of the machine running again. Also, they could enter their postal address and Edorex would send them a physical «Software» package consisting of Jelly candy.

Next to coming up with the concept with the Marketing team at Edorex, I did the Illustration and Animation as well as the screendesigns and prototype of the mechanism to get the machine running again.

The two states of the machine. Broken/sad and happy/running



The prototype for the microsite: (animated / GIF-version)

Visit the machine in all it’s glory on it’s microsite Unfortunately, the Jelly Candy reward is disabled now, but the rest of the microsite still works.