Danger Chopper Game

Level of version 0.1 of Danger Chopper. You can see how you can use the „swing“ of the rope to throw the cow in the right moment.

The bonus level. Cow Elsa likes to play football (of course), so we introduced three bonus levels of «Alpine football» for the player.


In-Game screenshot from a bonuslevel «Alpine football» of Version 0.2. Notice the redesigned background.

Concept sketch for the different obstacles and the three distinct level styles: Foothills, Mountainous and Alpine.

Notice the «No Fly Zone» above Sepp’s House. He’s scared of everything technical, like Cellphone rays. That’s why you can’t fly over the house, this way we can use the house as an invisible wall obstacle in level design.


Background for the Alpine level. The simple use of birds eye perspective with the stylized mountain range and a low, curved horizon is supposed to make you feel high up.

If you don’t make it through the levels in max. 5 tries each, you come to this very sad screen: Sepp is still alone and without a cow. I hope you’re proud.

If you finish all the levels, you get to this. We tried to incorporate all things cheesy: Love, sunset, and a badass chopper nosedivin‘ towards the sun. If we had any budget whatsoever, you’d hear cheesy 80s hardrock to this scene.


Style exploration for the game: No-Outlines vs. Outlines.

You can play a buggy and slow, but working WebGL-Prototype of the Game on dangerchopper.azurewebsites.net. You need a Mouse and Keyboard to play.