#21days, part one

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On twitter I discovered this awesome idea of the great Noah Bradley, called #21days. Basically it’s about taking 1 hour everyday for three weeks and investing that time into developing your art skills. It’s about forming a habit, and as a small reward for yourself you can post the result of each day’s work onto your social media thing.

I’ve started my 21 days this monday, so the last 4 days I did three master studies (where you basically try to deconstruct and copy a painting of an old master painter, to understand the way he worked) and one portrait.


Day 1: Master study after Norman Rockwell (original obviously on the left)


Day 2: Portrait of Dino after a photograph taken by my talented brother, which you can check out on


Day 4: Masterstudy after the great Thomas Moran

The challenge is super fun so far. Personally, when I start out with a thing, I tend to want to go all in and do the best thing ever with it, and sometimes my expectations are so high that I struggle to finish it at all and it ends as an unfinished idea on my hard drive.

With this challenge, I’ve found it way easier to do because you start and finish a single thing every day. And with the timebox of 1 hour it’s easy to start, because instead of sitting down trying to finish one thing which could go late into the night, you sit down for one hour and do whatever you can in this hour. And eventually, it’s probably more productive this way because you’re not wasting time.I could imagine doing this approach for personal projects as well.

I’m sure there are a couple of personal projects that I could finish way faster when having a fixed schedule of one hour each day for three weeks than the approach of doing a lot and then nothing again for some time.

Do you plan to get into the #21days-challenge yourself or did you do it already? Do you have other “hacks” for personal projects or learning on your own? Or does this approach not work for you at all? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kind of thing.

Finger painting

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Michi, one of the Guitarists from the amazingly talented Band Undiscovered Soul out of my hometown. They currently are crowdfunding a trip to LA to record their new album, if you like them, support them on their

Grizzly Sketch

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For some color practice, I did this study off a random grizzly picture on pinterest.

Sketchbook Mechs

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Last week, I’ve dug out a small sketchbook again because my other one was full. It’s nothing fancy, the paper seems rather cheap and thin. But because of the small size and the quality I didn’t feel pressure to fill it with well “thought out” drawings. So I’ve just kept it really loose and didnt think about the drawings too much which turned into much better drawings than I do usually. It’s good to overthrow your usual workflow every once in a while.mechs2



Some photoshop colors for the tall guy.


14.11.2014       1

To practice getting Values right a bit, I challenged myself with a self-portrait, done in Photoshop using one of Chris Oatleys Custom Brushes.


Chalk Portrait Practice

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In my desk drawer I’ve found a set of pastel chalks waiting to be used. I’ve finally got to use them on this portrait of a buddy of mine. Sorry for the long neck, buddy =)

It’s fun to work on colored paper like this one where the paper defines your midtone, you can then work in it with white chalk / pencil or one of those white correction pens. And since you cant make lines really well with these chalks, it was a good practice like that where I had to work more with shapes and values instead of lines, as I tend to do usually.