14.11.2014       1

To practice getting Values right a bit, I challenged myself with a self-portrait, done in Photoshop using one of Chris Oatleys Custom Brushes.


Chalk Portrait Practice

07.11.2014       0


In my desk drawer I’ve found a set of pastel chalks waiting to be used. I’ve finally got to use them on this portrait of a buddy of mine. Sorry for the long neck, buddy =)

It’s fun to work on colored paper like this one where the paper defines your midtone, you can then work in it with white chalk / pencil or one of those white correction pens. And since you cant make lines really well with these chalks, it was a good practice like that where I had to work more with shapes and values instead of lines, as I tend to do usually.

Just Kidding Logo

17.10.2014       0


The logo for the new KIDNAP and ONCE films Snowboard-/Skateboard-Movie „Just Kidding“, premiering on 29th of November 2014 here in Thun.


Size comparison of the logo. A well designed logo should be legible even in small sizes.

Rough Thumbnails and a colored Gunbot

29.08.2014       0

Been busy the last few weeks with the last bunch of lessons of the awesome Painting Drama course in the Oatley Academy. The course is just plain awesome and definitely something I would recommend to anybody who wants to really get into the guts of visual story telling.

Here’s a bunch of random stuff for you to see, mostly rough thumbnails that might become full illustrations when they grow up.




Sketchbook Randomness: Gunbot and his Friends

11.08.2014       0

Beware of Gunbot. He’s got a Gun. And he’s got a posse, consisting of a weird bird and a pig. Tiny feet indian guy isn’t part of them yet, but maybe he’ll join them someday.


Sketchabend July 2014

25.07.2014       0

This week, I got together with some friends to have a sketching session in a public place in Thun. Because most people are on holiday now, and the weather was rather bad that evening, we were only 4 people. Still it was fun to sit together, check out new Art Books, talk about art and draw.


sketchabend_juli20143 sketchabend_juli20144 sketchabend_juli20145

Character Design Silhouettes

21.07.2014       4


My good friend Stefan Burri asked me to help him out on an illustration project he’s working on. Here are some silhouettes of a character for this project.

Can you tell what kind of Character it is? What the character is doing? What the environment is? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.