Hi, I’m Rino. I’m an Illustrator and Designer from Thun in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

The Illustrator

I draw spontanious, rough Sketches on paper and digitally, always with the focus on distinctive characters and storytelling. My inspiration for this I get from comics, art books from games and movies that pile up on my book shelves as well as from the absurdities of my everyday life. Among my influences are Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Cory Loftis (Zootopia) and of course Mike Mignola (Hellboy).

The Designer

Initially an apprenticed Programmer, as an autodidact I could teach myself enough to escape the chains of IT and become a Designer. After working in different companies as Graphic Designer, Screen Designer and User Experience Designer, today I work in my own company with my own clients.

I execute projects in the areas Corporate Design, Communication and Interaction Design. Next to Communication media in printed or digital form I also designed T-Shirts, Packaging and Skateboard Wheels.

The Analyst

A big part of my work is not only about the «How?», but also about the «Why?». This means I ask a lot of dumb questions, to get the big picture. This helps me to design solutions simpler and more meaningful as well as illustrate complex topics in a graphically simplified fashion.

In the short, but intense Boostcamps by InnoArchitects I support projects in startup mode for Clients like Mobiliar, Swisscom, Swiss Post or Lufthansa by doing graphical and conceptual work.