Beyond Tellerrand Sketchnotes


Last year I started getting into sketchnotes. Sketchnoting is basically visual notetaking or «a visual summary of all the interesting stuff in a talk». You use drawings instead of words where possible. Doing them is simple: If a sentence or concept makes you go „aha!“, you draw it. They’re not about looking beautiful, but about summarising important information in a way that is quick to draw and quick to read.


And while being practical, they’re also great fun and a good excuse to scribble in your sketchbook during boring meetings or school. If you want to pick up sketchnoting (as you should since it’s really fun), I can recommend the Sketchnote Handbook by the Sketchnote Master Mike Rohde.

Back in May, I attended the Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany together with my coworker and fellow Designer Matthias Feusi for Edorex. There were a lot of interesting talks about design, development and the web in general.

So for the talks at Beyond Tellerrand, I had my sketchbook with me and just practised doing sketchnotes. It was pretty hard at times, but great fun overall, and it even sparked some interest on my twitter account during the conference.

rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_sarawachter-boettcher rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_scottjehl rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_rachelnabors rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_jeremykeith rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_daveshea rinowenger_beyondtellerrand_christianheilmann


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