#21days part two


Back in april, I’ve finished this challenge called #21days. The last images didn’t make their way into the blog until now.

rinowenger_21days_5_sargent_portrait_2015-03-27a rinowenger_21days_6_bouguereau_portrait_2015-03-28


Study after Albert Bierstadt. As it turned out these are the swiss Alps, and Bierstadt spent quite some time in the area where I live. Of course I didn’t know that at the time I picked the image.

rinowenger_21days_7_bourguereau2_2015-03-29 rinowenger_21days_8_frazetta_2015-03-30 rinowenger_21days_9_frazetta2_2015-03-31 rinowenger_21days_10_harveydunn_2015-04-01b rinowenger_21days_14_bierstadt_2015-04-06c

In the middle of april we went camping and snowboarding in Laax for the spring session. Of course I didn’t take my Cintiq-Setup with me, so I practised with some more traditional sketches of stuff off the internet.rinowenger_21days_16_stilthouse_2015-04-10

Back home, I tried my luck on this iconic masterpiece by the legendary Frank Frazetta.



Some digital gesture drawing studies

rinowenger_21days_19_shishkin_2015-04-17 rinowenger_21days_20_figures_2015-04-18a

For the final piece, I picked this amazing painting by Albert Bierstadt. At this point I felt I’ve learned quite a bit since the first piece of the 21days. Sketching the Landscape quickly, eyeballing the local colors and generally „rendering“ it worked out so much better than before.rinowenger_21days_21_bierstadt_2015-04-19b

It was a great challenge to do, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at art, no matter the current skill level.


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