Sketchsession May 2014

06.06.2014       0

A few weeks Ago, I asked a bunch of friends to come together, sit down, have a beer and draw. We brought along some Artbooks and Art Magazines as well, so people could check out new reading material and talk about it. I also brought some additional art materials I rarely use for people to try out (chalks, markers, colored pencils, colored papers etc.).

Sketchabend #1 21.05.2014 – 4504

It was a great evening and something different compared to the usual sketching session, where you sit alone in a room and draw by yourself.

If you like the drawings of the guy with the orange cap, that’s the amazing Illustrator / Art Director Dominic Beyeler, whose Work you can check on

The flyer for the event

The flyer for the event