Happyhour Comic Guest Strip

04.06.2014       0

I was asked by Jim from to do a guest strip for the webcomic-series they’re doing. They do a fantastic job at writing and drawing a comic strip three times a week, and once a year, they’re inviting a few guests to draw guest episodes with their characters.

I have to say this was kind of a challenge to do, not only because I’ve never done a funny comic strip before, but also because it’s hard to think of a story with the given characters that you can tell in one picture. In the end, I was lucky that the overall theme of the comic series is beer (which I can relate to pretty well). And since I’m from Switzerland and summer’s starting out, I went with a mountaineering setting, because what’s better than finishing (or in this case, starting out) a hiking day with a beer among friends?


Thanks to Jim and Phil for the opportunity! Check out the strip, the other Episodes and the shop on