Just Kidding Logo

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The logo for the new KIDNAP and ONCE films Snowboard-/Skateboard-Movie „Just Kidding“, premiering on 29th of November 2014 here in Thun.


Size comparison of the logo. A well designed logo should be legible even in small sizes.

Rough Thumbnails and a colored Gunbot

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Been busy the last few weeks with the last bunch of lessons of the awesome Painting Drama course in the Oatley Academy. The course is just plain awesome and definitely something I would recommend to anybody who wants to really get into the guts of visual story telling.

Here’s a bunch of random stuff for you to see, mostly rough thumbnails that might become full illustrations when they grow up.

rinowenger_gunbot_color_2014-08-29rino_d&g_thumbs1_presentation pd_aa_rinowenger_scene2_valuesketch_2014-08-23 rinowenger_sketch_thediscovery

Sketchbook Randomness: Gunbot and his Friends

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Beware of Gunbot. He’s got a Gun. And he’s got a posse, consisting of a weird bird and a pig. Tiny feet indian guy isn’t part of them yet, but maybe he’ll join them someday.


Sketchabend July 2014

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This week, I got together with some friends to have a sketching session in a public place in Thun. Because most people are on holiday now, and the weather was rather bad that evening, we were only 4 people. Still it was fun to sit together, check out new Art Books, talk about art and draw.


sketchabend_juli20143 sketchabend_juli20144 sketchabend_juli20145

Character Design Silhouettes

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My good friend Stefan Burri asked me to help him out on an illustration project he’s working on. Here are some silhouettes of a character for this project.

Can you tell what kind of Character it is? What the character is doing? What the environment is? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Rat Character

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Say hello to Jim. Just in case you can’t tell from the sketch, Jim’s a rat. He’s still living with his parents. He’s a bit „special“, but he likes to draw a lot. He’s heavily influenced by Van Gogh and Splinter, the Rat Guy that trained the Ninja Turtles. Jim is pretty much into cheese, rat ladies and drawings of ugly cats.

Sketchsession May 2014

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A few weeks Ago, I asked a bunch of friends to come together, sit down, have a beer and draw. We brought along some Artbooks and Art Magazines as well, so people could check out new reading material and talk about it. I also brought some additional art materials I rarely use for people to try out (chalks, markers, colored pencils, colored papers etc.).

Sketchabend #1 21.05.2014 – 4504

It was a great evening and something different compared to the usual sketching session, where you sit alone in a room and draw by yourself.

If you like the drawings of the guy with the orange cap, that’s the amazing Illustrator / Art Director Dominic Beyeler, whose Work you can check on

The flyer for the event

The flyer for the event

Happyhour Comic Guest Strip

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I was asked by Jim from to do a guest strip for the webcomic-series they’re doing. They do a fantastic job at writing and drawing a comic strip three times a week, and once a year, they’re inviting a few guests to draw guest episodes with their characters.

I have to say this was kind of a challenge to do, not only because I’ve never done a funny comic strip before, but also because it’s hard to think of a story with the given characters that you can tell in one picture. In the end, I was lucky that the overall theme of the comic series is beer (which I can relate to pretty well). And since I’m from Switzerland and summer’s starting out, I went with a mountaineering setting, because what’s better than finishing (or in this case, starting out) a hiking day with a beer among friends?


Thanks to Jim and Phil for the opportunity! Check out the strip, the other Episodes and the shop on

More Woodbot Sketches

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Some more Woodbot-Sketches for the Magic-Box-Course I’m doing at Out of one Design there are a bunch of interesting Variations worth developing further. In the end, I probably just have to go with one of them and illustrate it.

oatley3_woodbots_übersicht_2014-02-17b oatley3_woodbot2_sketches_hut_2014-02-17 oatley3_woodboat_illu_bw_2014-03-21 oatley3_woodbot_tall_2014-03-21 oatley3_woodbot_aufgabe2_2014-02-26


Rocket Air 2014 Eventvisual & Communication Design

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The Rocket Air is a huge Mountainbike Event in my Hometown in Thun, Switzerland. I had the pleasure to draw the Eventvisual again for this year, and to design all the communication material including flyers, posters, pvc-banners, and online banners.

ra2014_falzflyer_a6_web_2014-02-28_1 ra2014_falzflyer_a6_web_2014-02-28_4

If you are in town, make sure to come by. The action is incredible, the crowd goes insane and the parties are wild.

More infos on

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