Boardtest 2016

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I love drawing characters, and I love drawing animals. So it’s not surprising that this Illustration was a lot of fun to do! It’s for a snowboardtest in March in Adelboden, where you get to test snowboards from all the big (and small) brands for free.


The process: Pencil sketch, Inks, Color sketch and finished work

Tiny Exhibition in Grindelwald this Saturday

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This saturday, the 16th of January, I will be having a small exhibition of my art at the Bus Stop Bar in Grindelwald. The Bar is inside an actual Bus from the 1960’s, placed at the bottom of the valley run that leads from the ski resort to the village of Grindelwald.

There will be music and visuals by my friend Matt and his Buddy Ernst, and you’ll get epic apres-ski drinks like a «hot mojito» or «café motor oil» at the bar.


Grindelwald. One of the most beautiful places in switzerland. (Photo © Bus Stop)


Probably one of the dopest venues to have an exhibition. Photo © Bus Stop

Here you’ll find the facebook event.


Happy new year!

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rinowenger_dog_pencil rinowenger_croc_pencil

Happy new year everybody! Time to mix up things a little in the new year: I found a process for expressive lines that I really like. Here’s how it works: Try drawing with a really soft pencil (3B – 6B) on tracing paper. And if you want to loosen it up some more, hold the pencil with your index finger and thumb, while letting it come out between your ring finger and pinky. It feels a bit weird at first, but the pencil is at a very flat angle, thus producing very wide lines. You also can’t control it as much as you could with a normal grip, but that’s the fun part of it.

Tree troll

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Tree trolls are very territorial creatures inhabiting the Magical forest near Castle Rübenhorst. They are intelligent and hunt in packs. If you should ever get close to one of these, be very careful unless you have a Wendigo with you.

The Wendigo

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The comic that I’m working on involves a magical forest with many strange characters and creatures. One of which is the Wendigo, who is waiting for our protagonist to cross his way.

ek_wendigo_character rinowenger_ek_wendigo_color

More story development

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This is Eddie. He is the main protagonist of my story project I’m working on. I’m super motivated to have a project like this, and it’s fun to develop the story and all the characters in it.

ek_eddie_head_scribbleI’ve been scribbling scenes and characters in my sketchbook on my commute to work this week, so here are some more rough sketches for you:


More Character Heads

Writing and scribbling

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I’m currently taking a course on personal and story projects called Oatley Academy Live by the Oatley Academy of Concept Art & Illustration. It’s the best course ever if you’re an artist want to do a childrens book, comic or whatever on your own or with a collaborator. It teaches you the basics of storytelling, how to create your own story with a theme, what to look for when designing characters and environments for the story. It’s awesome and you should check it out. Seriously.

The course helps me develop my own story project, which will either be a Children’s Book or a Comic. It’s about grumpy wizards, a kitchen and monsters. It’s really fun to write, and when designing a character it helps a ton if you have a backstory figured out for the character.

An environment sketch with some shading studies to learn the tools of Mischief

An environment sketch with some shading studies to explore the tools of Mischief

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