Visual Facilitating / Sketchnotes Workshops

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Last year I started doing Visual Facilitating / Sketchnotes Workshops. Basically I teach grown up people that they can actually draw even if they don’t believe it, and how they can use it at work to make notes, explain things and learn stuff. The contents is a culmination of my lifetime of drawing, my experiences as an illustrator and what I learned myself from different courses and books.

The teaser for the first workshop. After the course anybody can draw something like this on their own.

It was a pleasure to lead these workshops and the feedback by the participants was positive. I want to do more workshops as inhouse courses for companies and I’m thinking about organising workshops open to the public in the area of Thun or Bern. Send me a message if you’re interested or if you know somebody who could be.

Hili practicing drawing people

Happy attendees with their new self designed sketchbooks

The giant

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The final Character design. Notice the little taylor standing on his arm.

Rough sketch over the silhouette

In the course «The Spark» at the Oatley Academy, we designed characters for an adaptation of a classic fairy tale. I chose «the brave little taylor», and designed the Giant from the story. More images in the projects entry.

Giant – Character Design


New Work: «Danger Chopper: Hoofs of Glory»

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At Edorex, we had one week each year to spend on our own projects. Two of these «Lab weeks», I spent along with one and two developers respectively on creating a 2D-Game. Since I only worked there four days a week, my Lab week also consisted of four days. So we created this 2D-Game with 9 or 7 levels respectively in 8 days. It’s buggy, there’s not really a menu or a decent tutorial but it works and it’s (at least for us) fun to play. What do you think of the idea? Would you like to see more stuff like this? Let me know in the comments.

In-Game screenshot from a bonuslevel «Alpine football»

Style exploration for the game: No-Outlines vs. Outlines.

More Pictures and information in the Portfolio entry for the Danger Chopper Game.

Danger Chopper

Fantasy Basel Review

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At the beginning of the month was the Fantasy Basel, where for the first time I had my own artist table at a convention. The Fantasy Basel is the swiss version of the Comic Cons happening all over the world. This means, there’s a lot of comic Fans, gamers, Cosplayers and generally nerds of all kinds meeting in one place for a weekend. Next to boothes from big Companies from the Game industry, there were lots of booths dedicated to Cosplay and Costumes in general. You could even buy proper Bows or Swords. There was also a Steampunk Café, different Star Wars Sets recreated entirely with Lego and generally a ton of pretty impressive Costumes. And next to all of this there was, of course, the ‘Artist Alley’, where Artists can set up a booth to exhibit their work during the convention.

After going full freelance beginning of this year, Fantasy Basel was a big goal to work towards. I did not know what to expect, especially since I heard they were expecting over 50’000 people over those thee days.

I invested in some prints, decoration for the booth and created new artwork to show and sell. Next to original art, I had prints in A5 and A4, Postcards and a Poster for sale. Every day we had a small giveaway for all the people who registered themselves for my new newsletter. I also designed a big rollup, which is 100 by 200 cm, (or roughly 40 by 80 inch, if you’re more into the imperial system). It was pretty exciting to finally see it live. The rollup was printed by, which I really recommend.

I had two friends, Räffu and Simu, helping me out at the booth. This was not only helpful in busier times of the day, but also a lot more fun. In general I met a lot of interesting people at Fantasy Basel, and to me that’s really what conventions like these are about: Connecting with people and getting inspired by them. It was a great experience and I can only recommend to go and get a booth yourself, it’s a great opportunity to get your art in front of a lot of eyeballs and grow as an artist.


Boardtest 17

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In two weeks there’s the Boardtest in Adelboden, Switzerland, where you get to test next seasons Snowboards from a ton of different brands. This year I was asked to illustrate the visual for the event communication again.

Of course we kept the bear from last year’s illustration. This time he’s sitting in the chairlift, while his buddy is doing a Backside 720° over the jump below.

The composition is built this way so there is some room for the big event typo at the top, some room for the date next to the bear and a lot of whitespace for the logos and text at the bottom. I tried to balance the different elements on the poster so the information is conveyed without getting overbearing (haha).

Dr. T

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Finally found some time to try out the amazing Photoshop Brushes of Kyle T. Webster. If you don’t have them yet, get them. I have the megapack and it’s totally worth it’s price.

Oats Portrait

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A quick portrait of my friend and mentor, Chris Oatley. Probably the mellowest guy in animation and a man with a heart made of gold.

Chris is the host of my favorite podcast, the Artcast, and also the mastermind behind the Oatley Academy, an online art school where you can get your Painting and also Storytelling skills on to the next level.

Designing the Giant

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Currently I’m taking a course called “The Spark” at the Oatley Academy. It’s an online course with about 15 students and our amazing Teacher Sarah Marino. The course is challenging, but we learn a ton and it’s a lot of fun.

As a course project we’re doing Visual Development for a story. That means we’re designing the characters, designing layouts (rough sketches of a certain scene), props (pretty much all the stuff characters interact with, lamps, weapons, furniture, etc.) and more.

rinowenger_silhouettes_giant rinowenger_riese_skizze

One of the characters I’m designing is the Giant. He is, well, giant, not the brightest star under the sun and also not a very pleasant guy to hang around.

riese_silhouette_rework rinowenger_riese_outlines_rework rinowenger_riese_farben_2016-10-02 riese_final_color

While going through the color variations I found that it would be cool if he had white eyes, just to make him even a little less human and even more frightning.

What do you think? How does the final design feel to you? Let me know in the comments.